Here’s an incentive that really makes people exercise more

Companies that want their employees to exercise more might want to skip the promise of prizes or pats on the back. Instead, a new study shows, giving someone a financial incentive and then threatening to take it away might work better. Workplace wellness programs are gaining popularity, and more than 80% of large employers are… Read More »

What happens to your body when you eat soy

Between tofu and tempeh, miso and soy milk, and the ever-popular edamame, there’s certainly no shortage of soy on the shelves of your local food store. Long touted by health-minded folks as a better-for-you, eco-friendly alternative to meat, soy is a favorite among followers of increasingly mainstream plant-based diets. Yet, do a quick Google search… Read More »

The cure for your junk food cravings? Sleep

If you crave chocolate or Cheetos after a hectic day, it may be because you’re sleep-deprived, a new study suggests. Researchers have found that lack of sleep may lead to increased appetite and an affinity for unhealthy foods. According to the Centers for Disease Control, one in three U.S. adults don’t get enough sleep and… Read More »

The villain in your fridge: 5 ways to avoid food poisoning

(CNN)Most people have experienced that unfortunate feeling in their gut making them run in search of the nearest bathroom. The cause was most likely a delicious meal the previous day — now deeply regretted in hindsight. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 48 million Americans — 1 in 6 people —… Read More »

Study Confirms Half of What We Eat Is Junk

Nearly 60 percent of what Americans eat is junk — ultra-processed foods loaded with sugar, salt, fat and all the other stuff we are not supposed to snack on, a new study finds. The data pretty clearly explain why two-thirds of Americans are obese or overweight, and why rates of diabetes and heart disease are… Read More »

‘Good’ cholesterol not always good, study suggests

Some people with high levels of supposedly “good” cholesterol are at much greater risk of heart disease, a study suggests. A bloodstream tussle takes place between “bad” cholesterol dumping fatty material in the arteries and good cholesterol taking it away. But a Cambridge University study in the journal Science showed more good cholesterol was not… Read More »

Is cancer the real reason to cut carbs?

There is some pretty strong medical evidence that your body has a master mediator. A hormone actually. When it’s balanced you experience good health. But when it’s not, your body is ripe for disease. The one disease everyone most closely associates with this hormone is diabetes. Type 2 diabetes can develop when your body experiences… Read More »